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Wes Freeman

Partner, Chief of Staff

Bio: Wes Freeman is a partner and presiding Chief of Staff of Vandelay Hospitality Group. Originally from South Carolina, Wes attended Auburn University and majored in Finance. While assisting in the explosive growth of the fast-casual brand, Zoe's Kitchen, from 8 to 55 units, he made his way to Dallas, Texas. Seeking to continue his education in the hospitality space, Wes took a position with NCR to grow its hospitality software sales division.  While visiting customers one day, he found his way to the original East Hampton Sandwich Company location and knew he had to get on the Vandelay team as soon as possible. Quickly rising through the ranks, currently serving as Chief of Staff, Wes handles personnel oversight and training at all Vandelay restaurants. Wes enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Education: Auburn University, B.A.

Quote: "If your company mission is to climb a tree, which would you rather do: hire a squirrel or train a horse?"